PFSense VOIP Setup

Setup Firewall Optimization Options to Conservative
* Log into pfSense
* From the menu open “System” -> “Advanced”
* Open the “Firewall & NAT” tab
* Find and modify the “Firewall Optimization Options” from “Normal” to “Conservative”

  1. Enable State Killing on Gateway Failure
    * Log into pfSense
    * From the menu open “System” -> “Advanced”
    * Open the “Miscellaneous” tab
    * Under the “Gateway Monitoring” section, find and enable the option “State Killing on Gateway Failure”
    * NOTE: Good if your internet is slow and goes down often. Helps re-establish the registrations with SIP Providers
    * NOTE: You can manually clear all your states by:
    * Log into pfSense
    * From the main screen find “State table size” under the System Information section
    * Click on “Show states”
    * REMOVE 1 STATE: click the trash can to the right of the established connection
    * REMOVE ALL STATES: Click the “Reset States” tab, check the option “Reset the firewall state table”, Click the “Reset” button
  2. Enable Traffic Shaping
    * Log into pfSense
    * From the menu open “Firewall” -> “Traffic Shaper”
    * Open the “Wizards” tab
    * Select the “Multiple Lan/Wan” option
    * For my connection we will be using 1 WAN and 1 LAN Connection and click the “Next” Button.
    * Take a speed test of your internet multiple times and record those numbers into the download and upload speed
    * Make sure to select the correct rate as reported in the speed test (usually Mbit/s)
    * Check the option “Prioritize Voice over IP Traffic.”
    * Change the provider to your specific VOIP Provider (If you don’t see it, leave it at “Generic (lowdelay)”)
    * Set the upload and download speeds reserved for VOIP traffic. VOIP traffic doesn’t use much bandwidth so I usually set both Upload and Download to 1 Mbit/s
    * Click the “Next” button to proceed to the next screen
    * Do not modify the Penalty Box settings and click the “Next” button
    * Don’t modify Peer to Peer Traffic settings unless needed in your environment and click the “Next” button
    * Don’t modify gaming traffic settings unless required for your environment and click the “Next” button
    * Modify additional protocols if they are related to your Business and click the “Next” button
    * Click the “Finish” button
    * Confirm the last line of the output is “Done” and you are good to go.


  1. Video Walk Through

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